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Executive Summary

Loterie Nationale, the Belgian body for lottery in the country, recently underwent a major website redesign. Worried that the drastic changes confused or somehow affected users negatively, the Digital Communications team decided to use Emolytics on its highest-traffic pages to determine if any changes needed to be made. As a result of their partnership with Emolytics, Loterie Nationale saved money on market research and gathered helpful data about its new website.

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Loterie Nationale had recently launched a fully redesigned website with drastic changes from the previous version. Unsure of its users’ reaction to the new design, Loterie Nationale wanted to know more about their general impressions.

To help evaluate the success of the redesign, Loterie Nationale had to

  • Gather relevant information on user perceptions
  • Discover what needed to be improved
  • Evaluate the success of its redesign quickly and affordably

" We implemented Emolytics for a short time on the pages with the highest traffic to get some actual feedback and worthwhile data on the perception of our visitors towards our new website."

Ralph Urmel

Digital Communication Adviser,

Loterie Nationale

How Emolytics Helped

Loterie Nationale implemented Emolytics’ intuitive tool on the pages with the highest traffic. They wanted to acquire relevant data that would help them really understand the way users interacted with their new website.

Emolytics helped Loterie Nationale with:

  • Surveying users on high-traffic pages
  • Gathering relevant data on their impressions and interactions
  • Pinpointing elements to improve or change

Results, return on investment and future plans

As a result of their partnership with Emolytics, Loterie Nationale gathered the kind of relevant information they were looking for. They identified potential issues with their new website and corrected them accordingly.

" It’s a really affordable tool that lets you collect valuable insights without having to spend big chunks of money on additional market research every time. We will surely reuse Emolytics after significant changes or improvements to the website."

Ralph Urmel

Digital Communication Adviser,

Loterie Nationale

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