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Why GetSmily?

« By tracking our Emoscore and the Emolytics, we lowered our bounce rate (number of persons leaving the website without seeing any other page) from 60% to 20%! »

« We saved tens of thousands of euros with GetSmily as we now know the strengths and weaknesses of our website and we can better prioritize our IT projects. »

The Ultimate Feedback Tool


Emotions are at the core of people's behaviours.
They activate the memory and induce actions such as purchases, word of mouth, recommendations, loyalty and many more.
Our widget captures customers' emotions with a high response rate.
You can then take informed decisions for your business.

Discover how your visitors feel

Qualitative feedback

Identifying the reasons behind people's experiences on websites is crucial.
Our highly configurable qualitative feedback module allows you to ask your customers «WHY» and to visualise those reasons in a very simple chart.

Socio-demographic data

You can now get a better view on who your customer is.
Our reports provide a socio-demographic profile of your audience (gender and age) without having to use high-tech solutions or to spy your customers. Simply ask your visitors.
You can then segment your customers by age, gender or emotions and find the warmest prospect to focus on.

Lead generation

A feedback is a great conversation starter.
Start capturing emails and react to positive or negative feedback easily. As you know, quickly solving customers' problems create deeply engaged customers. We will always provide ways for your visitors to stay anonymous unless they decide otherwise.

Brand equity audit

Sometimes you want to know more what your brand is worth.
With our Brand Equity module based on Keller's approach, you can find out if your communication investments go in the right place.
You can also monetize 100% of your interactions by getting another kind of value from your customers.

Simple and rich reports

Through a very simple yet rich report, your data are always available and easily understandable.
For those who do not have time to check their report, we send a weekly summary email with your Emoscore and your performance evolution versus the benchmark.

Explore a demo report

Cross channel

Your interactions with your customers are happening at various moments and places: in your emails, at your events, on the point of sales, in a blog article, a webpage or across a website, in an invoice, in an ad, etc.
We provide solutions so you can evaluate the quality of your interactions at all time and in all places.

How do you feel about this Email ?

How do you feel about this Email ?

Unique marketing KPI, scientifically backed up

At GetSmily we consider that data is good, but meaningful data is even better.
We have created 2 unique Key Performance Indicators that allows you to follow the temperature of your website: the Emoscore (the emotional impact of your website) and the Net Positivity Index (the positivity level of your audience).
We are a university Spin-Off company of UCL which takes seriously its job at scientifically analysing your data in order to provide insights no one else can.

Easy-to-install plugins

Wordpress, Magento, Prestashop, Joomla, Drupal and Shopify plugins have been developed so that GetSmily can easily fit into your existing infrastructure.

Unlimited domains, exporting & sharing

You might start measuring your audience's emotions on multiple websites.
If you own more websites or if you work for multiple clients, you should not get limited. We make it easy for you to share your report to an unlimited number of users.
Your reports are also available at all time as a pre-formatted Excel document.